Stay Classy, San Diego!

Stay Classy, San Diego!

What was popular in September? We had the PCI 2010 Community Meeting in Orlando, embargoed documents from the Council, some posts that poked a little fun, and a cloudy experience with Desktop as a Service! On that last one, apologies for the incorrect link to the VMWare release. At least you guys know what I was wondering about when I worked on that edited post.

Yes, I was concerned about that fungus.  It’s benign tho, so don’t worry.

Here are the five most popular posts from last month:

  1. Review of the 2010 ____ ____ Meeting. Sometimes the most popular posts only have a few days to percolate.  That would be the case with my initial review of the PCI Community Meeting in Orlando. Social media ban?  I’m not on board (obv), but some are.
  2. Full Review of the 2010 PCI Community Meeting. And, after receiving a call from the Council’s PR department a mere two hours after the first post, I filled in those blanks. A the bottom of this post, I talk about how great the PR group is at the Council. I am serious; that was not tongue in cheek. They are great!
  3. MasterCard Service Provider Registration Explained. MasterCard made a change on their website announcing a guide to their service provider registration process. It’s a short post outlining the easy to follow process.
  4. PCI Security Standards go to Three Year Lifecycle. Still on the top five now two months later, this post details some of the pros and cons to the new three year lifecycle that all of the standards will adopt starting with the pending release.
  5. How Desktop as a Service (DaaS) can Benefit You. I spoke at an event in New York this week as the cloud security guy, and we have a ways to go before the risk professionals in our companies are on board with the move.  Regardless, here’s a practical application that can save companies TONS of money.

Thanks for stopping by, San Diego!

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