I’ve been a kindle reader for a very long time—pretty much since the first version of it. I traveled with one, had a waterproof case for the pool, and generally consumed the vast majority of my fiction reading on it. While my previous device was still cranking along just fine, the cases were not. After breaking my second waterproof case and learning they were not made anymore, I joined the masses and got a new Paperwhite Kindle.

All was well for a while! It’s absolutely brilliant to read from outside, and I never had problems in normal light inside a house or building. I’ve recently started taking up some reading before bed to help slow things down in my brain but quickly realized the default settings are like looking at a flashlight. Not exactly great for my eyes at night, and definitely something that earned me negative points with my wife who was trying to fall asleep to the sounds of Schitt’s Creek playing on the TV.

The old Kindle used to have an inversion function where the Font size and selection was, but it took me going into the Accessibility features to find the invert (meaning, the “paper” is black and the text is white) setting and enabling it.

You can access this yourself by going to:

  • Settings -> Accessibility
  • Then turn on “Invert Black and White”


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