Branden could easily be described as one of the industry’s leading experts, but that title does not encompass his robust talents. With two active certifications, a list of publications, and an enviable knowledge of technology, he has earned the respect of global, top named clients and industry insiders.


Don’t be misled by a credentialed individual with no experience… the real world is fraught with challenges a book or a class cannot replicate! Coming from an educator’s perspective, Branden knows that education and certification are vital ingredients to success, and experience will build upon the framework set forth by education.

Branden has well over a decade’s worth of experience with much of the technology that enables today’s business. His experience includes but is not limited to start-up businesses, small to medium sized retailers, large financial institutions, government entities, software companies, utilities and energy, other financial services, insurance, electronic merchants, global retailers, and payment processors. This vast array of company genres allows Branden to create unique solutions based on his substantive experience.

The reason why some of the largest companies in the world rely on Branden’s advice is they know that his solutions are creative and based on real world experience. The stakes in today’s business are massive. Securing your informational assets is a requirement to stay viable. The attacks are not going away, and the need for security has never been higher.

Don’t trust your enterprise to someone just starting off, trust your enterprise to Branden Williams.


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