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Edit (July 2, 2022): A very helpful reader let me know the PDF linked below was removed from the MasterCard site. I found the PDF and have re-linked to the latest version. It appears that MasterCard has removed the details on their registration program, which suggests it may no longer be active.

MasterCard released (or re-released) a guide on how to become a registered and approved Member Service Provider (MSP) as a requirement to be listed as a compliant MasterCard Service Provider. The PDF linked above has a detailed process for completing this, including two major tasks spread out over several days.

The first step is to apply for and receive your user ID under the MasterCard Registration Program. After you complete the six step process outlined in the PDF, you take a week vacation (or just wait five to seven business days). Once you get your ID, just run through the second set of five steps (though that last one is a doozy) and take another short vacation (or again, wait five to seven business days) and you should get your approval shortly thereafter!

Pretty simple, and appears to all be done online and self-service!

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