Here’s another visualization to consider based on demographic data generated from my Consumer Attitudes Toward Breaches research (sponsored by MAC). Did age matter when it came to how quickly shoppers returned to a breached merchant? The data seemed to have a couple of stand-out bumps. Below is a graph that shows, on average, how quickly consumers returned to stores after a breach, grouped by age.

Average Return Speed

The trend seems to be such that, in general, the youngest groups are more likely to return to a breached merchant before the older groups.  The middle two age groups are virtually identical up to the fourth digit past the decimal point—enough to consider them equal. What this means for management, is that younger generations could be more accepting of breaches (either as a way of life, or perhaps in a way that does not impact loyalty) and older generations need special attention from a breached merchant to entice them to return more quickly.

If you have not read the release of the research, go check out the paper and tell me what you think in the comments below!

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