The Phoenix Project

The Phoenix Project

Today is a great day for aspiring (and perhaps current) IT leaders as The Phoenix Project by Gene Kim, Kevin Behr, and George Spafford is now finally available and shipping. If you are in any way connected to anything related to information technology, this book should be on your reading list for Q1 2013. I read the final manuscript in a matter of days and could not put it down.

This book is modeled after the iconic manufacturing title, The Goal. But instead of an overweight scout causing an enlightening view into the theory of constraints (poor Herbie), it’s a failing IT department in a business outpaced by competitors. All of the classic themes of today’s IT issues are explored in this business novel, including the pain-in-the-ass security guy who walks around with his infamous “binder of trouble” and claims that he just is trying to keep the executives out of prison.

This book is an absolute must read as we witness IT transforming from a group of techies to a group of technically-savvy business and operations leaders that will ultimately become the new operating arm of your company in the digital world.

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this book review, but I did participate in the creation process as a regular sounding board and early manuscript reviewer. That said, I am very passionate about this topic as it is parallel to my doctoral research and I believe that every IT person should read this book.

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