Stay Classy, San Diego!

Stay Classy, San Diego!

2015 is over and in the books. It was a pretty busy year for those of us in security & payments. My company went IPO, the largest compliance provider sold (instead of IPO), adult websites were hacked and in some cases extorted, new books and publications, lots of blogs, a step back on SSL restrictions, and EMV.

Thanks for continuing to stop by and check out my content. Looking forward to a great 2016 and I will see you at a conference soon!

Here’s what you folks liked the most in 2015:

  1. Is The Council Trying to Kill the QSA Program? Obviously, any post where you reference Christina Aguilera is going to be something you all will love. The Council finally updated the requirements for being a QSA. Are they making it unattainable?
  2. Why the Adult Friend Finder Breach Should Concern You. Sites like Adult Friend Finder and Ashley Madison had some security problems last year. Why should this be something you look at? For one very important reason!
  3. Verizon Report should be a Wake-Up Call for The Council. After reading the article I link to in this post, I thought about who should be concerned about low compliance rates. Should it be a merchant that could be breached, or should it be the framers of the standards themselves?
  4. Will Plastc Succeed where Coin Failed? Coin is one of those cool concepts that was either ahead or behind the times with the rollout of EMV here and around the globe. Plastc is a new product that will support all methods of acceptance and should be hitting the shelves in the next few months. Since this post, Coin released a 2.0 version of their product that looks similar. Who will win?
  5. Banks & Merchants Not Ready for EMV. Even though we’re a full quarter past the liability shift related to EMV, it seems like implementations are still a bit helter-skelter. Check out this fun experience I had back in March.

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