Stay Classy, San Diego!

Stay Classy, San Diego!

What was popular in August? I had some fun with Visa’s TIP program, and in fact, just made a final post on the topic (for now) yesterday. Merchants in the middle of technology upgrades have some decisions to make on what they deploy and how they choose to process payments. We also saw our first (that I have a record of) public revocation of a QSA’s status.

Here are the five most popular posts from last month:

  1. PCI Coucil Revokes QSA Status (Finally?) It had to happen SOME time. With QSA popularity at an all time low, it looks like the Council finally took action against a QSA. See the details here, including some instructions on what to do if this was your QSA.
  2. Visa Kills PCI Assessments and Wants Your Processor to Support EMV. Is this the end of PCI Assessments? Visa threw out some new timelines and program details that you need to know about. There are several posts on the topic, all of which (except this one) are in the Top Five.
  3. Chip and PIN on the Way! This post was in response to one by Securosis, and adds some more color. Watch out, you might start to see dynamic authentication in your next card!
  4. Why Visa’s TIP Doesn’t Matter. Brando, make up your mind. You seem to be on both sides of this issue! Well, maybe I am, but take a look at this opinion of the TIP that I bet other payment brands might echo.
  5. Is Visa Taking the Training Wheels off of Security? Say what you want about PCI DSS, but it’s hard to argue that it has not been effective in boosting security among a crowd of companies that didn’t really care about it. The amount of the boost is hotly debated, but I doubt you will find an instance where PCI DSS doesn’t at least marginally help information security. Now that the TIP is in place and PCI Assessments appear to have an end for some merchants, what will happen with those gains?

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