On Thursday, I posted about a memo released by Visa, Inc. last week discussing the acceleration of EMV adoption. There is much buzz going on right now as merchants now have a false sense of hope. PCI Assessments aren’t going anywhere any time soon.


Life Preserver, by respres

One of the fundamental rules about PCI DSS is that you are dealing with five competing payment brands that handle their own enforcement. This means that as a merchant you can be a different level with a different payment brand, which may or may not affect how you validate compliance. A move by any one payment brand does not necessarily represent all five brands, nor does it guarantee that you will see the effects in your business. Visa’s TIP is a perfect example of this.

If you ONLY process Visa cards, then the news of the Visa TIP program is probably pretty sweet. Just upgrade your terminals, and you should be good, right? But what if you accept MasterCard as well? Your dream probably just evaporated faster than some of our Texas lakes after this hot summer.

Visa’s TIP (much like their Compliance Acceleration Program) is certainly ground breaking, and I absolutely believe that it is the right move for the industry. What I hope is that other payment brands will step up and be just as ground breaking by honoring something similar for their own enforcement policies.

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