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Last Word on the Visa TIP standard

The Visa Technology Innovation Program (TIP) is certainly stirring up all kinds of discussions in the technology community. I had an opportunity to get some clarification on exactly what these new changes from Visa mean for you, and wanted to summarize them here. Unlike the Compliance Acceleration Program (CAP) which used fines and interchange fees to motivate merchants, there is no true financial incentive to participate in the TIP… today. The closest resemblance to a financial incentive is the domestic and cross-border counterfeit liability shift. Merchants that cannot accept an EMV or contactless card when presented one by a customer will bear the liability of a fraudulent transaction instead of the issuer after October 1, 2015. The TIP mandates that ...

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Is Visa Taking the Training Wheels Off of Security? standard

Step into the way-back machine with me and let’s turn the dial to 2000. What a glorious time that was! We were at the peak of what would soon be known as the DotCom Bust((Although poor corporate accounting practices had a hand in this one as well.)). Information security was this fledgling group in most companies that was called to clean up virus outbreaks. Then we weathered the storm. Markets crashed, IT budgets were slashed to the bone, and security professionals suffered too. We fought hard for every single dollar that came our way, yet we still were playing catch up. Now let’s forward to December 15, 2004, when the first release of the PCI DSS made its way into ...

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Why Visa’s TIP Doesn’t Matter standard

On Thursday, I posted about a memo released by Visa, Inc. last week discussing the acceleration of EMV adoption. There is much buzz going on right now as merchants now have a false sense of hope. PCI Assessments aren’t going anywhere any time soon. Why? One of the fundamental rules about PCI DSS is that you are dealing with five competing payment brands that handle their own enforcement. This means that as a merchant you can be a different level with a different payment brand, which may or may not affect how you validate compliance. A move by any one payment brand does not necessarily represent all five brands, nor does it guarantee that you will see the effects in ...

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