Stay Classy, San Diego!

Stay Classy, San Diego!

What was popular in January? This month (and through February) I am posting my new piece, The Seven Deadly Sins of a QSA. The first draft was very long, but the final piece is around 6,700 words (and too hot for TV). I hope you guys enjoy this!

Here are the five most popular posts from last month:

  1. Seven Deadly Sins of a QSA Series. This took the first and third through fifth slots this month. Stay tuned as I keep posting this series! At the end, I will have a PDF version for download with all of the content included.
  2. PCI DSS 2.0 Release and Review. For the FOURTH month in a row, this post appeared in the top monthly roundup. In fact, it was the most popular post of 2010! This release is two years in the making, and the next one is due in thirty-four months. I threw together a few notes along with links to the document.

Thanks for stopping by!

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