Stay Classy, San Diego!

Stay Classy, San Diego!

It’s been an interesting year, but now we can welcome 2014 with wide open arms! It’s already shaping up to be both a busy and interesting year, but let’s take a moment to look back at 2013 and talk about the top posts!

  1. How Starbucks is Revolutionizing Mobile (Micro) Payments. This one was pretty popular last year, and it is still making waves in 2014. You know how you see those crazy fools that pass their phone in front of some magical sensor at Starbucks and never seem to pull out their wallet, yet walk away with coffee? That is really part of a huge master plan to reduce the impact that payments has on the organization. Check out the scenarios discussed!
  2. The Only Customer Service Script You Will Ever Need. The economy is humming along quite nicely. How do we know? Because people are getting poor customer service and reading posts like this one. Is customer service is less important now that customers are easiser to come by? Check out this diversion from security that will make you think about how you interact with your customers.
  3. The Definition of Cardholder Data. Yet another powerhouse that is keeping on top of the links. It’s still on people’s minds, probably because they are looking for ways to drop systems out of scope of PCI DSS, or because they are looking at the new eCommerce guidance from the Council. Hopefully this is a good benchmark for you.
  4. How to Make a Mobile Payment App Comply with PCI DSS. Every company is looking for a mobile strategy, and many of them include accepting payments. Mobile isn’t going anywhere, and more people are struggling with the business-stifling requirements in place to use some of these applications. No worries, read this post to see how you can do this safely and still pass a PCI DSS assessment!
  5. PCI Requirements Review. There are still some requirements that trip people up. This is one in a series. Here’s a quick review on Patching and IDS. Back in the top five again, so I wonder if this post with the previous has signaled assessment season is well underway for 2013.

Honorable mentions are two of the last ones I did in December around the Target Breach. Take a look at I Thought We Were Done With These, and What The Leaked Target PIN Data Actually Means for You.

Thanks for stopping by, and see you in 2014!

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