Welcome to Las Vegas Sign, by rustler2x4

Welcome to Las Vegas Sign, by rustler2x4

Next week many of us descend into the hotness that is Vegas in July/August to head to BlackHat, BSidesLV, and Defcon. I’ll be there for BlackHat and hope to see you too! I’m available to catch up on Wednesday and Thursday.

And don’t forget, that while one conference is in full swing, others are getting geared up. Have you submitted your RSA Conference 2014 proposals yet? They are due Friday (unless the deadline is extended, which it usually is)! I’ve got a few that I am working on, so hopefully the committee will see fit to have a couple added to the program. And don’t forget that we have the PCI Community Meeting in a couple of months as well. I’m looking forward to this one to see how crazy things really get. It could be great, or it could be the beginning of the end.

More updates soon, just felt like I should clear the cobwebs out a little!

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