Stay Classy, San Diego!

Stay Classy, San Diego!

What was popular in May? Poking fun at QSAs still showed up, and I’m working on some new ideas on the behaviors of QSAs for May. Hope to see you at EMC World!

Here are the five most popular posts from last month:

  1. PCI DSS for the Small Office. Inspired by a reader (just email me your questions), I discuss how a small office should tackle PCI DSS.
  2. New PCI Board of Advisors Elected. Yep, looks like I get to contribute a bit! I’m now on the Board of Advisors representing RSA.
  3. Visa’s Chargeback Management Guidelines. Wondering how to deal with chargebacks? Check this document out for specific details on what you need to defend yourself (and more importantly, what you DON’T need).
  4. Wait, We Did Something Right? Reflecting on comments uttered to me outside the US. A global view on how the US is handling information security.
  5. How To Make A Mobile Payment App Comply With PCI DSS. For the second month running, this one makes the top five! I had this idea after the PCI Council stopped accepting mobile payment applications, but didn’t have time to put it together until now. It is possible to use a mobile payment application in a PCI Compliant environment!

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