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Visa released an interesting PDF yesterday entitled Chargeback Management Guidelines for Visa Merchants. Don’t be turned off by the stereotypical graphic on the front page, there is some good stuff in there for ALL parties involved, not just Merchants. QSAs should read this document to provide a better service to their customers if for nothing else than to see practices from a Non-US centric view.

The document starts out with a great review of how payment systems work from the initial presentation of the payment instrument to a monthly bill showing up at the cardholder’s door. Granted, this is a document from Visa, so it has Visa branding and marketing all over this thing, but GENERALLY the process is similar enough with other payment brands.

Page 22-23 are key here as they outline what must be submitted to an acquirer upon receiving a Copy Request. Note the masking! Finally, check the back 60% of the document that goes through all of the possible remedies that should be followed for various types of chargeback disputes. In many cases, it’s a conversation with the acquirer about storing certain types of information, one that this guy has successfully had on numerous occasions to favor the Merchant.

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