I'm so flat now!

I’m so flat now!

For those of you who have not noticed yet, the website has gotten a much needed update! For those of you who have been around here for a while, you will remember that the last time I did something was in 2009, right before the 2nd edition of the book published (4th edition coming soon!). Quite a bit has happened since then, including new design styles and ways to present information. I contacted Spellbrand to help put a fresh look on things!

All of the old information is still here, it’s just presented a bit differently. You will also notice that I will be updating my Herding Cats column as well as I got out of habit of doing this last year. I’ve also got some interesting new research that I will be publishing both independently and with some organizations, so look for that soon!

In the meantime, stick around and check out what’s here!

This post originally appeared on BrandenWilliams.com.