What Can You Do?, by Gage Skidmore

What Can You Do?, by Gage Skidmore

Sorry, that was the closest thing to alliteration I could get to for this blog. It’s Friday! How’s everyone doing after their first full week back? Other than the circus of CES 2013, things at Oracle have to be a little tense with this newly discovered massive hole in Java. I do have a couple of reading suggestions for you today as you close out the week.

  1. What has two thumbs and finally updated his Herding Cats page? THIS GUY! Man, I’m sorry about being so slow with this. No excuses. But now every issue is available, including the ones from May to this January that are now live. Go see if you can find the title that made my editor’s ulcer act up!
  2. This month’s HBR was a double-issue, and the case study was another one very relevant to our industry titled: Will our Partner Steal our IP? It’s a bold case study that discusses a very real problem (albeit, not limited only to the geography depicted in the case study). What would you do?
  3. Finally, more on Big Data in HBR with an article titled: Why IT Fumbles Analytics. It’s not hard to imagine some IT organizations bungling Big Data projects, but this article gives some key reasons why it happens.

That’s all, folks!

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