Stay Classy, San Diego!

Stay Classy, San Diego!

What was popular in April? Poking fun at QSAs still showed up, and I’m working on some new ideas on the behaviors of QSAs for May. Hope to see you at EMC World!

Here are the five most popular posts from last month:

  1. How To Make A Mobile Payment App Comply With PCI DSS. I had this idea after the PCI Council stopped accepting mobile payment applications, but didn’t have time to put it together until now. It is possible to use a mobile payment application in a PCI Compliant environment!
  2. The Lack of Understanding in QSAs. Top five for two months! The statistics are getting interesting. Some reports suggest that HALF of the QSAs trained in 2010 were new QSAs. I’m all about fresh blood, but at some point you might need some experienced folks, right? RIGHT? Bueller?
  3. How Deep Is Deep Enough? This post was inspired by a reader-submitted question. How far should QSAs go? Read this to learn more.
  4. Neutral vs. Agnostic. Having a little bit of fun at the expense of buzzphrase driven marketing and sales professionals. Fight vendor agnosticism!
  5. Does Security Impede Innovation? So often I hear stories about security being seen as an impediment to business. Does it need to be this way? Read here to learn more.

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