Stay Classy, San Diego!

Stay Classy, San Diego!

What was popular in March? This month was rather light as my travel schedule was a bit hectic. But I’m working on some great stuff for you this month!

Here are the five most popular posts from last month:

  1. The Lack of Understanding in QSAs. The statistics are getting interesting. Some reports suggest that HALF of the QSAs trained in 2010 were new QSAs. I’m all about fresh blood, but at some point you might need some experienced folks, right? RIGHT? Bueller?
  2. I Don’t Need to Know, I Can Look it Up. Sure, storage is cheap nowadays, but why do we insist on keeping every single piece of data that our business comes across on any given day? Is that really necessary? I argue that it is absolutely not, and that if you can look up the data form another party, there is no reason to carry the risk of storing it yourself.
  3. Why Trying to Change the Rules Doesn’t Work. Sure, sometimes it does, but usually with great personal sacrifice. Does anyone here want to die for PCI DSS?
  4. PCI Board of Advisors Voting Open. Shameless plug, of course. I hope you can choose RSA as one of your top three in the Vendor category!
  5. Seven Deadly Sins of a QSA, THE END. This one took the final spot in the top five and you can download the entire article in one PDF!

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