PCI ComplianceThat’s right!  If you pre-ordered our (Anton Chuvakin & mine) book, you should be receiving it today!  It’s chocked full of all kinds of fun stuff.  For example, did you know that I worked in the word “brewdog?”

In fact, let’s make a contest out of this.  The first five people to email me the page number in the book where that word appears will be entered to win a $30 Amazon.com gift card!

Anton has a video in his blog where he talks about the book, and I have something special coming up soon.  I’ve got it half done, but have not recorded the actual video of me talking yet.  Look for that early next week or late on Friday.

We’d LOVE comments.  If you have read the book or have questions or comments, either leave them here or shoot me an email and we will discuss!

Oh, and happy birthday PCI!  You officially turn 5 today!  Fitting that our book published on the 5 year anniversary!

This post originally appeared on BrandenWilliams.com.

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