I haven’t written, called, emailed, faxed, or even sent you guys anything via carrier pidgeon. For that, I grovel at your feet and request my penance (tee hee, I love the occasional translation error, especially when it reminds me of the most beautiful thing I have ever seen). What have I been up to?

Last week was fun. Boston & Cincinnati in two days. Was great seeing many of you out there! Especially when a coworker and I started eating at the wrong party! This week, so far, I have met with the Visa CISP and Incident Response teams over two days, and I am headed home to fly out to Atlanta for a couple of customer meetings. If you are in town, drop me a line!

Some PCI News for you…

The PCI Security Standards Council has announced their community meetings for 2008. We will be there! They have also announced training dates for PA-DSS assessors.

I’m off to DFW!

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