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Best way to sum up PCI standard

Andrew Conry-Murray of Information Week writes: Bottom line, PCI compliance is mutable. While a compliance certification is valid for one year, a retailer may perform actions, or fail to perform actions, that take it out of compliance. On the one hand, this is sensible. PCI rules are like the dietary guidelines a doctor issues to a patient. It’s not the physician’s fault if someone with through-the-roof cholesterol ignores advice and eats like Homer Simpson. Could I have said it better? PCI? Program not Project? Homer Simpson? I think not. This is the reason why we created the PCI Program Management offering at VeriSign. This helps customers maintain compliance, and get management confidence that they are compliant every day. Oh yeah, ...

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See me featured in the March ISSA Journal standard

This month’s issue of the ISSA Journal features my article on simplifying data flows entitled “Data Flows Made Easy.” So far, the feedback has been positive, but what do you think? Also in this issue, the first installment of my monthly column, “Herding Cats: Practical Security Tips for a Wacky World” (Thank YOU Fred Langston!). In here, I explore a simple tip for locating that sensitive data inside your organization. Finally, we have another VeriSign consultant being published this month, Bindu Sundareson’s article entitled “Converged Compliance Management” is included in the March ISSA Journal. Check out the links and read up on the thought leadership that is common in the Global Security Consulting group at VeriSign! Possibly Related Posts: Top ...

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