Fire Drill, by chipmonkey

Fire Drill, by chipmonkey

At some point in every bloggers life, they get distracted or burned out. Well, it happened to me—the last six months had me with a little bit of both. I’m finally climbing out of my backlog a bit and I have a few news items for you.

  • You will find me at a few shows throughout the rest of the year. Unfortunately, I will be missing one of my favorites, BSidesDFW. I’m bummed, but I’ve got a fun trip planned in its place. In lieu of that, I will see you at a the CircleCityCon, PCI Community meeting, BlackHat, MWAA, MasterCard ARM, and WSAA. Come say Hi!
  • We’re wrapping up the final changes to the PCI Compliance, 4e manuscript right now, and you will see it in print, via your favorite e-reader, and through ScienceDirect later this year! If you have any suggestions for content, now is the time! We will have two new chapters this time around—one for cloud and one for mobility.
  • You will see some other publications this year from me based on my research, but more to come on that.
  • I will also be exploring the topic of innovation in security as we move forward through the year.

Thanks everyone for sticking around, and looking forward to seeing you here!

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