The PCI Security Standards Council announced on Friday the new PCI Board of Advisors for 2011 and 2012. There are some familiar names on the list as some of these companies are in their third term on the board, and there are some new faces, namely RSA, the Security Division of EMC. I am the representative from RSA that will be participating on behalf of the company.

A change of scenery, by kevindooley

This is something I am looking forward to, and for those of you that voted for RSA and me, I am grateful! I hope that I can live up to your expectations.

In that note, if there are things you are interested in having me take to the board, I would be happy to entertain those either in the comments here, or by contacting me directly. Keep in mind, not every suggestion will make its way to the floor, and I won’t entertain suggestions like “no more PCI DSS.” I would be happy to bring other constructive feedback, where appropriate, to the meetings. Our first meeting is in June, so you don’t have too much time!

I also hope to bring some insight into what the Board is thinking about as we progress, but as you can imagine, I have already gotten the speech about not posting everything here in the blog (which I wouldn’t have done anyway). I’m going to work with the PCI Council’s PR department to understand what I can bring to you as I think it is valuable for others to see what the Board is discussing at a high level. So it won’t be like you are in the room, but I sure hope I can add value in that regard.

So leave comments or contact me and I will add it to the list of things I may take to the meeting!

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