Brando and the Silverado!

It takes a massive tortilla to make a Silverado Wrap, but here’s a recipe on how you do it. First, start with a blogger. Next, give the blogger a 2011 Chevrolet Silverado. Finally, wrap it up in a giant tortilla with some videos, blog posts, Twitter and Facebook comments, and enjoy! Here’s what we got when I was the key ingredient above (blogger):

  • The Silverado Extended Cab… uh… CAB!  How big is this thing? CHeck out the kids in the back!
  • Being a Good Samaritan. Calling OnStar is not only for when you get in a crash!  See how I used it to call in a road hazard.
  • Off to the Fair! We loaded up the kids and headed down to the State Fair of Texas!
  • How to Accessorize a Silverado. The Silverado has lots of accessories you can get.  How would I do it? Read here to find out more.
  • Talking About Trucks. Fellow blogger Cameron Gawley and I headed to Good Morning Texas to talk about our experience!
  • How Big is that Bed? Took the Silverado to Cabela’s to load it up! Even had a flyover on this one!
  • From “Heard It” to “PLAYIN’ It!” Shazam, iTunes, iPhone, and Silverado make for some music fun!
  • I Lost My Truck! What happens when you take a road warrior like myself and rush him through parking and getting to his gate? He loses his vehicle.
  • One Final Silverado Accessory. As a follow-up to my previous post on accessories, I thought of another one that I would definitely need to get.
  • My Favorite Silverado Feature. Finally, had to write about what I missed the most when I jumped into MY car. It might surprise you!
  • Captain Brando’s (That’s me) Chevy Videos. All the videos I did for this project. Most are embedded into the posts above.

So there you have it.  My October in review with the Silverado. That’s the final word on this; thanks for playing along!

Oh, and I’m OK with making fun of myself.

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