Crow, by Marko K

Crow, by Marko K

Javelin Strategy & Research posted an update to the new MasterCard Requirements. After speaking with John Verdeschi, Robert Vamosi pointed out an error in our initial analysis. After re-reading my material, I looked at one piece of information and made a leap (incorrectly) about the intent (see the final word here).

John clarified that the intent is to use the next eighteen months as a transition period. Level 2 merchants should both submit a SAQ, and also have an On-Site assessment completed so they can submit a Report on Compliance by December 31, 2010.

This means that Level 2 Merchants effectively have eighteen months to complete a readiness assessment, remediate, and validate compliance.

Sorry for the confusion folks, and thank you to Robert & John for setting us straight!

VeriSign is sending a consolidated information briefing on this update with some special discounts on our consulting services for Level 2 Merchants. If you don’t get your copy of this alert by Friday, please email me so that you have the information needed to get the discount!

Update: MasterCard has the FLIP FLOPS!  Check their retraction here.

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