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A Fun Day with American Airlines standard

It’s no secret around this place that I travel a little. You know, just a few thousand miles a year. Since I live in Dallas, I have two major choices for airlines—either Southwest or American Airlines. I have flown both, but my preferred carrier (by far) is American. In fact, my family has a great traveling legacy with American Airlines. I have flown on almost every single type of plane that American has had in their fleet since the 1980s, including several that are no longer in service (DC-10, Boeing 727, and Fokker 100). I can remember standing outside my dad’s office as a kid learning from him and others every kind of plane on approach to DFW runway 17C. ...

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Facebook isn’t Professional Networking standard

I was checking into the happenings on Facebook last night and had a very strange request come up. Someone that I know and respect sent me a request through a product called BranchOut. While their about page does more to confuse than to clarify, what I understand it to be is a way to create a professional network of contacts with Facebook—or in easier terms, think about LinkedIn-type functionality sitting on top of your Facebook network of contacts. Frankly, this is a terrible idea. For those of us that use social media in our jobs, we tend to have things we keep professional (LinkedIn or Facebook Page), things we have that are personal (Facebook personal profile), and things we make ...

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A Facebook Reality Check standard

It has been a pretty tough couple of weeks for Facebook. I find the reaction to the privacy controls and the people leaving Facebook in droves especially entertaining. People get fired over comments they put on Twitter, pictures they are tagged in on Facebook, and content posted online using their employer’s assets, yet we are still shocked when our online profiles are disclosed? The real shock to me is, how have we not figured this out yet? My first internet account was a Netcom shell account in the early 90s. Soon after, I had my very own Linux installation (kernel 1.2.8) running on my school’s network, and not long after that I figured out I could read all of the ...

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Securing your Social Networking Brand standard

This post originally appeared on Jennifer Leggio’s Social Business blog at ZDNet (now with more links!). Social networking sites as innocent as LinkedIn and as provocative as Twitter (have you seen my stream?) have now become a personal branding vehicle for many professionals. Some of us have had the unfortunate experience of losing a job we barely had thanks to social networking. Others have seen it as the boost to their career they have been wanting for years. Let’s talk about security in the context of the latter. When I moved my blog to a setup I administered, I made two commitments to myself. The first is that I would make frequent backups because there has yet to be a ...

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Hackers Love Social Media standard

USA Today published a great article on Monday about search engines now beginning to index various types of social media.  Bad guys now have even more ways to correlate information and with less of our lives being private (albeit by choice), it makes those stupid security things we do even more relevant. Last month’s Herding Cats tackled Privacy, and specifically the expectation of privacy for future generations.  Social media addicts have the ability to tell the world exactly where they are, what they are doing, and show them visual or auditory evidence by posting geo-tagged videos or audio.   Now add in a near real-time index of this stuff, and you can see how much more powerful (and scary) social ...

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