The first day of the event has been packed full of activities! First off, it’s been great to see everyone. Say what you want, but there are some very smart people in this industry and I really enjoy the conversation (even if it is over one of those silly Compliance on the ROC drinks).

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We opened the session with Bob doing that thing that he does, including a heartfelt thanks for the outpouring of support he had after missing the meeting last year. Then we saw Eduardo Perez jump up and do a quick update. My favorite quote from him is “Security has to evolve as new technologies emerge.” New technologies change the attack surface, and it seems like most of the new technologies make crime easier.

That brings me to the highlight of the day! Our keynote address this year was given by none other than Frank Abagnale, the very same gentleman whose story the movie Catch Me If You Can was based. His keynote was absolutely incredible. He told his story from his eyes (not Hollywood’s) and even took questions from the audience. I was mostly silent on the tweepers to absorb it all, but if you want to catch the highlights, Gene Kim did a live tweet of the session! Check out his highlights.

One of the things that was very interesting is how technology has not made white collar crime harder to commit, but so much easier.

After that session, I had some sit down chats with Eduardo Perez and his team, as well as with Bob Russo, Jeremy King, and Troy Leach. The great thing about those sessions was they were all on the record, so I’ll have some great content to post here over the next couple of weeks. I also sat down with Matt Springfield while here to discuss some of his impressions of the meeting. I plan on meeting many more to get more impressions in our happy hour sponsored in part by EMC tonight!

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