EMC Corporation, in conjunction with EMC Consulting and RSA, announced expanded consulting services to assist companies with PCI Compliance, as a subset of our larger GRC and Information Security initiatives. The three new services are:

  • PCI Program Strategy and Implementation – Organizations leveraging this service not only remedy their PCI compliance issues, but develop a security and compliance program that is aligned with business objectives. New services offered include program development and management, design of strategic frameworks for PCI program, assessment and development of processes and best practices, and PCI training to security teams, data owners, key stakeholders, and internal audit team.
  • PCI Readiness Assessments – This service evaluates an organization’s current PCI DSS posture and helps develop a remediation strategy roadmap prior to undergoing a formal PCI assessment. Experts from EMC Consulting use a combination of interviews, system reviews, site visits and document reviews to discover gaps and issues with organizations’ PCI DSS compliance.
  • Breach Management and Post-Event Readiness Assessment – Even organizations that pass a PCI Assessment can be impacted by a breach of cardholder information. Should a breach occur, the actions taken following the breach can determine the level of financial impact on an organization. These new services offer post-breach forensics, evaluation, and guidelines to help ensure future compliance of the organization.

Check out the full release here.

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