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Review of PCI Congressional Hearing standard

If you missed it, you can see a recording here! See what the Twitterverse had to say here by searching for #pcihearing. TONS of coverage on this. First, I am very proud of our congress for putting this hearing together. It is clear how serious this situation is when listening to the prepared, pointed statements read in the beginning. I hope I don’t make anyone upset, but I do giggle a little bit when non-techie folks trip up on techie terms. I certainly expect someone would giggle at me if I were reading a statement of detailed medical terms and missed the words. Regardless, huge props for taking the issue on. In the next paragraphs, clicking on the individual’s name ...

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How a Little Push can put you into a Freefall standard

Last week I moderated a panel at a PCI focused dinner in Chicago. Big props to the folks that helped to plan this (Alex, Melissa, Ben, and Diana from VeriSign), the event was great! The panel participants were heavy hitters from the industry including Anton Chuvakin from Qualys, Davi Ottenheimer from Arcsite, and Bill Cook from Wildman Harrold. Anton has a few great points from the event that he has posted on his blog here. We had a fantastic discussion, and there were even great discussions among the panelists that revealed conflicting opinions. We had so much discussion that we were unable to go through the entire list of questions I had prepared. I had thirteen, and we only were ...

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Guest Post: Compliant Compromise standard

The following is a guest post by Frank Castaneira. Frank is a Sr. Consulting Manager inside the Global Security Consulting practice at VeriSign. Matt Hines recently wrote about the PCI Council discussions on applicability and adequacy of the PCI Standard given reported breaches of validated entities such as Hannaford and Heartland. Branden recently discussed the PCI Council conversation on March 6. Branden suggested greater visibility by the Council into the incident response process. This posting amplifies on that solution and provides other perspectives. The discussions mentioned in Mr. Hines article focused on the QSA (Qualified Security Assessor) posture that an annual on-site assessment is relevant only for that point in time. Although, I recognize the issue (point in time), my ...

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Companies need PCI++ (not just PCI) to be safe! standard

Going through some email over here and looked through the recent edition of The Aegis from the Society of Payment Security Professionals, and found a great little snippet from Chris Mark entitled “Wear Your Seatbelt…and Maybe a Helmet.” In it, he pulls a quote from the PCI SSC that seems directed at detractors of the PCI DSS. They state: “The PCI SSC believes that the best way to protect cardholder data that is stored, transmitted, and processed is by implementing the PCI DSS and remaining in full compliance.” Chris points out that this seems to imply that PCI DSS is the high water mark, not the baseline from which you should build a program. It may just be that a ...

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