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Herding Cats December: Disclose Me standard

Everyone is entitled to SOME right to privacy, right? Boy, thank goodness that isn’t the case, otherwise YouTube would be dead. In this month’s edition of Herding Cats, I explore the history of the right to privacy as well as the challenges with Social Media and the next generation of netizens. So go check out this month’s edition of Herding Cats here! Update 9:00pm: Fixed the link.  Sorry bout that!  Thank you, Nick! Possibly Related Posts: Top Posts from 2015 October 2015 Roundup September 2015 Roundup August 2015 Roundup June-July 2015 Roundup

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Herding Cats November: got sprintf()? standard

Ahh, everyone loves some good programming humor, right? RIGHT?!? Yeah, that’s what I thought.  This month I talk about one of the hardest tech jobs out there… the Application Developer.  I used to be one, and I remember the stress of getting projects completed on time, under budget, and with minimal bugs.  It’s a thankless job. So go check out this month’s edition of Herding Cats here! Possibly Related Posts: What’s the craic on KRACK? More Printer Security Talk That Printer is gonna GIT ya! Conference Wrap-Up, 2016 Is Retail Ready for the 2016 Holiday Season? When Toasters Attack!

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Herding Cats, Bringing You up to Date! standard

I’ve been neglecting you all.  I usually post PDF versions of Herding Cats here on the blog for you all to read!  If you are not an ISSA Member, stop what you are doing and click here to join.  If you are, you can catch Herding Cats in an ISSA Journal online or in print! The last edition I posted was from April.  Here are the ones that I have published since then: The Perimeter has Left the Building, 08/09 Security is a Mindset, 07/09 The Cost of Ethics & Integrity, 06/09 The Breach You DID Expect, 05/09 Don’t forget, you can see all the editions right here on the site! Possibly Related Posts: What’s the craic on KRACK? More ...

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