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WDOCD: Secure File Transfer standard

This episode of What Do Other Companies Do is typed before a live studio audience. The question comes from Bill of Jack’s Joke Shop (Remember, “If it ain’t funny, it ain’t worth jack!”), and he asks: “We’re looking for a large file transfer solution that will secure data in-transit. We have a small I/T shop and Help Desk and do not have the capacity to handle user provisioning & management for a solution, and really don’t want to start managing a file repository with aging requirements. Like most companies, we are subject to various compliance initiatives such as PCI, HIPAA, and GLBA, but our top management has asked us to exceed compliance baselines where possible. What do you see other ...

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WDOCD: Secure Tape Destruction standard

For our VERY FIRST installment of “What Do Other Companies Do” (WDOCD), Randy Smith has asked the following: “What specifications do other companies require for Secure Tape Destruction (especially for older tapes that could have pre-encryption account number data). To my understanding PCI does not provide a specification. What standard seems to be “secure enough” for older tapes potentially with unencrypted data? Do you feel that standard is OK to relax when all the account number data is encrypted?” Excellent question Randy! Virtually every company we work with has some sort of destruction policy for media, and it varies from using a bulk eraser, to pulling out the DeWalt and drilling a hole right through it (yes, one company we ...

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