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Brando’s Rules for Success standard

I’ve had a few folks ask me if I could attribute any big life lessons that have helped me get to where I am. Things like the Golden Rule or an extremely healthy amount of respect for karma (both of which would be true for me) came to mind, but I was able to distill my guiding principles into this: Show up. Don’t be a dick. End of list. Let’s dive deeper. Show up. This rule can mean a lot of things, which is why I love it. It’s extremely versatile. Be physically present and on time to appointments when required. Don’t be a flake. Fulfill your commitments (and communicate EARLY if you need to adjust them, bad news does ...

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PCI Council Loses $600K in Revenue, PO Population on the Decline standard

Last year I released a blog post and a GitHub repository with some code to calculate how much money the PCI Council brings in annually, with an estimation of lifetime revenue. There are some MAJOR assumptions in there that can swing the revenue in either direction. And, of course, there are already new programs that the Council will happily charge for that have been released since my initial commit (3DS Assessors, 25 of those with each individual consultant paying $1,400 per exam). I’ll work on that soon. I was meeting with some industry people this week and thought I’d check up on the old numbers to give the package a refresh. As it turns out, the number of Participating Organizations ...

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No Need to Sign standard

If you went shopping on Sunday and happened to notice that a signature was not required for your credit card purchase, that wasn’t an April Fools joke. Back in December & January, the major payment networks all announced they were dropping the signature requirement. Even MORE time saved when paying for things! I’m sure many of you are like me in that you didn’t even put your actual signature on those papers or electronic signature capture devices. The only time I have been serious about it is when I travel abroad. Those cashiers are very good at matching your signature to what is signed on the back of the card. Possibly Related Posts: Ten Things Companies Get Wrong About CIAM ...

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