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Netgear (In)Security and their Failed Remote Management standard

I’ve been having issues with some home networking equipment and decided that after a couple of years, I needed to make some updates. I did my research and ultimately settled on the Netgear R8000. Not just because it looks dead sexy or because it’s called the Nighthawk, but because it had really great reviews and I’ve generally been on board with Netgear’s product quality and technology. That is, until today. One of my biggest complaints about today’s networking equipment is that it really wants to be the only router in your house. It wants to be the command center. So if you have a couple of pieces of networking equipment, they both want to be in charge. I get it, ...

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Why I am Skipping the PCI Community Meeting standard

I know, you guys have given me crap for so long. “Suuuure you are going to skip this year. Whatever, Brando, see you in X city at  happy hour.” This has been the discussion over the last few years, and every year I have made my way to the city in question going back to the initial meeting in Toronto, 2007. This will be the first year I will miss. For me, it comes down to two things: content and how the hard questions go unanswered. Content: I looked at the agenda this year. For new people to PCI DSS, there are quite a few great sessions to attend. If you have more than one year experience and perhaps have ...

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My Tea Journey, so far! standard

Many years ago, I started a long journey into the world of tea. I still consider myself a n00b, but a no0b who knows what he likes and is not afraid to try something new. A friend of mine was asking about my tea obsession so I ended up putting together this long email that represents my current thinking around the leaf. After spending all that time, I figured I’d post it here, and possibly update it over time. BTW, I recently found a guy who has an AMAZING YouTube channel if you want to learn about tea. I visited his shop in Camden Town (London) in October of 2017 and loved it! Check out his channel, or just start ...

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