Doctor Tom Saves the Day, by Murray Barnes

Doctor Tom Saves the Day, by Murray Barnes

Sometimes I’m a bit behind the times on all this new fangled technology stuffs, so I wanted to make sure that everyone else knew that I caught up to 2015 and installed Ghostery. Ghostery is a cross-platform browser plugin that will help you select which tracking networks you want to participate in and which ones you want to block. If y0u have ever been annoyed by countless ads for some product that you Googled late one Saturday night that one time, this is a product for you.

Here are my two reasons for keeping this installed on my machines:

  1. It allows me to selectively whitelist both certain ad networks and certain sites. So, for example, if I want to support a certain site by allowing their ads to be displayed, I can do that. Or if there is a particular network that pays me rewards, I can allow that as well.
  2. It opens your eyes to how much tracking is actually happening, and puts the control back in your hands with a simple interface.

If you are well aware of Ghostery, well then bravo good sirs! If not, go check it out today!

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