Part of the reason why I went through the enlightening process of my third run through academia as a learner was to be able to contribute research back to the field. I’m happy to announce that my first paper is now public for download.

Starbucks : Birmingham : England : UK : Enjoy!, by uggboy

Starbucks : Birmingham : England : UK : Enjoy!, by uggboy

Available for download through the Merchant Acquirers’ Committee is this piece that examines the economic impacts of breaches entitled, The Impacts of Breaches: A Survey of MAC Members on the Realities of Data Breaches. In it, I reveal research that helps to explain some of the economic realities of breaches. Here’s a preview, it’s not as bad as you probably think!

I’ve also built an academic manuscript for this paper which goes into much more detail on the methods as well as practical implications of the research. Should this get published, I will provide a link for you to get the paper for free.

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