You know when you get a paper cut in the webbing of your fingers? How many of you just shuddered at the thought of such a minor, but memorable malady?

Now, think about one of the times that you got in there really deep and had to find a band-aid. Those normal ones just don’t work! You need a special band-aid with the butterfly flaps on it. Then you can get on with your day without spreading more of your DNA on everything you touch.

Insalt to Injury, by  Uri Baruchin

Insalt to Injury, by Uri Baruchin

With all these POS breaches (like Home Depot this week), we need to address a paper cut. The paper cut here is the POS system. We can describe them as two machines with different life expectancies functioning as one. Like a 40-year hydro-electric generator that is monitored with a PLC and a WiFi card. Did you shudder at that too? POS devices are similar. If the drawer opens and the printer prints, it will still be in use (10 years after initial deployment), even if it uses Windows XP (oops).

I had someone from Trustifier reach out to me a few weeks ago to discuss their product, which is similar to a white listing tool. What I like about the Trustifier product is that it has the ability to overlay a Mandatory Access Control system (think RACF on a mainframe) on top of a flawed PC. It’s a band-aid, but it’s the one with the strips that will fit nicely over your cut webbing.

Provided the economics work, would this be a product you would consider deploying? Do you think a QSA would approve (I have my own opinions, but would love to hear yours)? Throw your ideas down in the comments below, or comment on Facebook/Twitter!

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