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June 2014 Roundup standard

So it’s been a full month of hardcore blogging (you know, cause two posts per week is pretty hardcore). Once again, you are all very interested in customer service, how you define cardholder data, and the fun economics of the Starbucks gift card. Maybe all this World Cup fever has you curious? On a side note, I’d like to wish my employer a Happy 25th Birthday! As a corporate entity, it can now finally rent cars ALL BY ITSELF! Here’s what you guys liked the most last month. The Only Customer Service Script You Will Ever Need. The economy is humming along quite nicely. How do we know? Because people are getting poor customer service and reading posts like this ...

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The Art of Inquiry standard

The information security industry can sometimes fall into a rut when it creates and publishes requirements. Even in the corporate world we fall into these ruts. Go check out one of your build or hardening guides and see how much or how recently it has changed. In some respects, we don’t want to have drastic changes even when the world around us changes drastically because it makes it harder to meet those requirements. It’s that old “Your Security Rules are a Moving Target” chestnut. An old mentor of mine once told me that “compliance comes and goes, but security is here to stay”. In some respects, I think compliance is the manifestation of a purpose-built set of security rules driven ...

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