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Mobile Payments, by Joeybones

Visa has a pretty extensive document library of stuff to help folks cope with some of the threats in the system, and yesterday they updated their Visa Best Practice, Mobile Payments Acceptance Solutions to v3.0. While these are still considered best practices, they are a great starting point for anyone with a mobile payment component to their business. One of my more popular posts is How to Make a Mobile Payment App Comply with PCI DSS, so I know many of you are looking at this. Take this in combination with the Starbucks app, and there is lots of interest.

Keep in mind, my original post was really talking about the bare minimum as a way to get around the Council’s unilateral removal of mobile payment apps from the PA-DSS list (many of those have made their way back on). So if you want to think about taking it to the next level, you should spend some time going through the Visa doc.

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