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Summer Conference Season is upon us! standard

Next week many of us descend into the hotness that is Vegas in July/August to head to BlackHat, BSidesLV, and Defcon. I’ll be there for BlackHat and hope to see you too! I’m available to catch up on Wednesday and Thursday. And don’t forget, that while one conference is in full swing, others are getting geared up. Have you submitted your RSA Conference 2014 proposals yet? They are due Friday (unless the deadline is extended, which it usually is)! I’ve got a few that I am working on, so hopefully the committee will see fit to have a couple added to the program. And don’t forget that we have the PCI Community Meeting in a couple of months as well. ...

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June 2013 Roundup standard

Why not use that awkward day between a holiday and the weekend to discuss what was popular in June? Summer is here, and boy does it show. No, not the heat, the amount of geopolitical events we had last month (and this one)! The PCI Council seated its new Board of Advisors last month, I wrapped up another quarter of school, and I got to tour some awesome behind the scenes stuff at my home airport. Here are the five most popular posts from the last month: The Only Customer Service Script You Will Ever Need. OK, maybe it’s a sign that I have hit on a few key points. Four of the five here are bigtime repeat customers. Is ...

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A Fun Day with American Airlines standard

It’s no secret around this place that I travel a little. You know, just a few thousand miles a year. Since I live in Dallas, I have two major choices for airlines—either Southwest or American Airlines. I have flown both, but my preferred carrier (by far) is American. In fact, my family has a great traveling legacy with American Airlines. I have flown on almost every single type of plane that American has had in their fleet since the 1980s, including several that are no longer in service (DC-10, Boeing 727, and Fokker 100). I can remember standing outside my dad’s office as a kid learning from him and others every kind of plane on approach to DFW runway 17C. ...

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