OK folks, our PCI Compliance book has been out for a couple of months now, and Anton & I thought it would be fun to give a way a couple of copies with a contest! We have assembled a group of three independent judges that will take a whittled down list and pick winners for each competition. The winner will receive a free, signed copy of the book!

So, on to the first contest. Our book attempts to draw a middle line between the black & white “audit” style of looking at PCI DSS and the loosey-goosey anything goes view. We want to take a compliance-friendly, practitioners line. But we’ve all been in those meetings when you look at a particular defense of a control (or lack thereof) and you can’t help but laugh a little bit on the ridiculous nature of what was presented. So our first challenge to you, in the comments below, please tell us about your MOST HILARIOUS PCI FAIL. You’ve got a week (until the end of Wednesday, November 21st), and we will announce the winners after the US Thanksgiving holiday!

It doesn’t matter if you comment here or on Anton’s blog, we will capture all of them.

This post originally appeared on BrandenWilliams.com.

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