Warning!!!…Tiger in training…:O)), by Keven Law

A very long time ago I worked at a company called Internet America. For those that remember, we were the 1-800-Be-A-Geek company. Back on the early side of the Internet explosion (this is 1996) I remember walking into server rooms in absolute awe of the big machines that powered our customers’ experience and the respect I had for those that ran them. One particular guy I remember is Gordon. Gordon was a typical middle-aged geek (before it was chic) and he had a catch phrase that always made me smile. When you asked Gordon how he was doing, he would say, “The bugs are winning today.”

Back then, we had a lot of days like that.

Over the last two years we have seen a tremendous uptick in malicious activity, so much so that we can’t really ignore it any more. Our businesses are too tied to the digital world to be separated. If you were to ask Gordon how things were going today, I think he would say, “The hackers are winning today.”

That’s why RSA announced the Advanced Cyber Defense suite of services today. In order to be able to combat advanced threats, you must have capabilities in the following six areas (from the press release):

  • Breach Readiness – focuses on advanced threat preparedness, operational breach response and management capabilities as well as maturity analysis and program design.
  • Incident Response & Discovery – built off the threat-intelligence research from the RSA NetWitness® platform, RSA takes a holistic approach to incident response comprised of advanced threat discovery, response and remediation across the network and host and are tailored to include tactical attack surface enumeration, high-value target identification and exploitation defense measures.
  • Cyber-Threat Intelligence – leverages threat intelligence and advanced analytics to create a proactive approach to identifying threat artifacts and anomalies that reside in large volumes of data to determine the root vector, targeting motive and severity of an attack.
  • Breach Management – provides workflow automation and the processes and procedures used for a closed-loop incident handling process using the RSA Archer™ Threat Management and Incident Management solutions.
  • Identity & Access Controls – helps address secure privileged account management, secure communications, information rights/data classification and post-breach active directory remediation and security.
  • Next Generation Security Operations Center (SOC) Design & Implementation – utilizes proven tactical implementation methods and leverages RSA SOC practitioners to design, operate, train and eventually transition operations to an organization.

Incidents will happen, which is why it is critical that incident response becomes part of your DNA. In order to minimize the impact bad guys have on your infrastructure, you must be able to deter threats through advanced controls, quickly detect threats when they do appear, and defeat the attack before data is exfiltrated from your organization. Every company should at least perform the Breach Readiness assessment to understand where your starting point and establish a roadmap for improvements. Reach out to your RSA rep today!

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