We are almost done with the next edition of the book! Anton & I are cleaning up a few last edits in the first manuscript and it will be in the publisher’s hands. One topic that we kept coming back to when writing this edition was broadening our scope to go beyond big, Level 1 merchants and service providers. We even dedicated a chapter to small businesses in this edition, and give you tips for what to do when starting a business that needs to accept payment cards.

Cycling with Training Wheels, by paulhami

But one thing that strikes me as I reflect upon writing that chapter is the overwhelming urge to make the chapter three words long. Those three words would be:

Just. Outsource. It.

For the most part, small businesses need to focus on being in business—not on being payment processors. In our recent “tweet-bate” Ben Tomhave and I took swings at a version of the problem. I am a firm believer that business owners must take responsibility for their actions and that playing dumb isn’t a good way to try and escape from consequences. I do feel for small business owners as I believe they are being sold a complete and secure solution by folks that are less than honest and capable of doing just that.

So the main theme behind this post is to really understand everything behind every arrangement you are signing up for. Do your diligence to ensure you are protected in the case of a breach, and that it really is someone else’s responsibility to cover your loss.

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