Christmas Thief, by istolethetv

We’re well into the holiday season in the States, and that means that scammers are everywhere. With all of the holidays coming to a head this month, it’s Christmas for those scammers too. Here are several sites that can help you navigate scam from deal!

As always, remember to be vigilant. Caveat emptor! If a deal looks too good to be true, it often is. That’s not to say there are not good deals to be had.

If you are shopping for last minute holiday deals, be sure to deal with reputable establishments. If you smell something fishy going down with a deal, don’t be afraid to terminate the transaction and find somewhere else to buy. Be especially vigilant if shopping on free community sites like Craigslist. Again, there are good people there and great deals to be had, but scammers play there too.

Oh, and don’t miss the great stuff I’ll have for you here over the next couple of weeks! I’ve got some guest posts lined up and I’m excited to be featuring some great security folks. Stay tuned!

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