Well, I finally made it back home yesterday after a week in San Francisco. It was great to put some faces to names, and thanks to all of you who stopped by the VeriSign ESS booth and said “Hi!”

On Wednesday, the blogger meetup DID happen, and neither Tim Callan nor I won any of the awards; though we did cheer loudly for our fellow bloggers! And then, who woulda thunk it, but little ol me won a Seagate Black Armor 420 NAS drive! SWEET! Thank you to Seagate for that!

The tweeps were tweeting all over the place!

Now, one last thing before I check out of the blogosphere for the week, I had to pass along this freaking awesome Twitter feed. The very county in Texas that I live in (Denton) now has a Twitter feed. What are they tweeting, you might ask?

Wait for it….

Mugshots! Yep, the next time I get caught for stealing my neighbor’s paper might get me posted over there! Interested to know what kinds of offenders we have? Follow @DentonPolice on Twitter. The picture up as I am typing this is a 27 year old androgynous hipster with an attitude that got picked up for an outstanding warrant. This picture says facebook profile pic all over it.

Now if you read a little further, you will find that this is not an official, county sponsored feed. A photography student named Brian Baugh stumbled upon the online county jail report while studying new media. Quite an interesting little project Brian! Congrats!

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