Monday was presentation day at CSI-SX. I had a decent crowd, for the breakout session! One day, I’ll do a talk that is not the last session of the day 🙂

While I was in between sessions sitting in the speakers lounge, one of the other speakers (I did not catch his name) dropped his computer bag and jacket on the chair across from me. I looked up, nodded, and went back to my work. He proceeded to pull out one of those laptop locking devices that you see at public terminals. You know, the ones you can beat with a toilet paper tube. He then secured the whole apparatus (bag included) to the chair! A conference chair. The ones that weigh like ten pounds.

I was not watching him the whole time, but I did not see him ever leave the room. The room was maybe 100′ x 40′ and he sat down on the couch less than 10 feet away. What benefit would someone get by “securing” the laptop and back to the chair? Am I not paranoid enough?

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