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Don’t run IT as a business, run it as a business? standard

That’s what I felt like the theme of Bob Lewis’s article entitled “Run IT as a business—why that’s a train wreck waiting to happen.”  I understand that having people on different sides of an issue can lead to a more productive result, so this perspective is entertaining if nothing else. At a minimum, reading the article will expose a key problem IT organizations face, but the solution is no different than what vendors propose every single day. Have you noticed the push to “solutions” and “solution-based selling” over the last few years in the IT space?  CIOs don’t give a rip about some fancy whiz-bang technology.  What they do care is if you can solve a (business) problem for them.  ...

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Guest Post: The DNA of Compliance standard

The following is a guest post by Shaun Fothergill, the EMEA Practice Manager for VeriSign’s Global Security Consulting group. The tidal wave of regulatory compliance issues has intimidated the brave and petrified the frail, those who once played lip service to these issues are now looking for very serious answers from very serious questions. How do I comply? What do I need to do? What will it cost me? How do I keep compliant? The problem is that there are so many regulatory issues we need to consider and each of these seemingly having their own security nuance that needs to be addressed. Listed below are just some of the compliance issues businesses need to take into account: Data Protection ...

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