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Facebook isn’t Professional Networking standard

I was checking into the happenings on Facebook last night and had a very strange request come up. Someone that I know and respect sent me a request through a product called BranchOut. While their about page does more to confuse than to clarify, what I understand it to be is a way to create a professional network of contacts with Facebook—or in easier terms, think about LinkedIn-type functionality sitting on top of your Facebook network of contacts. Frankly, this is a terrible idea. For those of us that use social media in our jobs, we tend to have things we keep professional (LinkedIn or Facebook Page), things we have that are personal (Facebook personal profile), and things we make ...

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Hey Friends, I’m Over Here! standard

I recently gave a presentation to a graduate advertising class about social media with ideas on how it might be used as a part of an overall marketing and advertising strategy ((I’ll get this posted soon. I’ve just gotten my templates fixed (Thank you Angry Porcupine!) and will be able to move the material shortly.)). One of the things I covered was the concept of geo-tagging and how it relates to social media. There are tremendous privacy concerns related to geo-tagging, but also interesting market opportunities as well. We ignored the unintended geo-tagging that occurs when people use location services in their mobile phones, or use cameras that are location aware and focused on check-in applications.  Some examples of these ...

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