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Why PCI DSS 4.0 Needs to be a Complete Rewrite standard

The last month has been tough for our coastal regions and based on what forecasts show for the rest of the season, we’re not out of the woods. If you have not donated to those affected by these massive storms, please consider doing so today. The group that received my donations this time around is Direct Relief, but there are plenty to choose from. Thankfully, the Council canceled the Community meeting due to Irma (albeit, probably two days too late). It was the right decision. Hopefully, the vendors who have spent money with the Council will get some kind of relief for this year. Given that the conference didn’t happen, there was a missed opportunity to discuss the future of PCI ...

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Equifax is only half the problem, your SSN needs a redesign! standard

The Social Security Number in the United States is the closest thing we have to a national identification system. It’s widely used to deal with the government, open lines of credit, and serves as the unique ID for a tax payer. It’s effectively your financial and governmental digital footprint identifier from which all actions are compared. Great, right? We can use it to ensure people pay their taxes, connect bank records and large financial transactions to an identity, ferret out money laundering and illicit business, and get a personal balance sheet on anyone who has credit. Except, once that number is disclosed, it’s disclosed. Unlike a payment card number, there is no wide-scale method to reissue a social security number. Like ...

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