As we get ready to close out 2016, there have been quite a few events I have neglected to post here. I know I owe a larger update and more tools soon, but here’s one in the meantime to recap October and November. For this post, I’m taking a cue from Bill Brenner and supplying some mood music. My mood music is a little more fun than his is, though.

October and November was a busy month for speaking and writing. Here’s a quick recap.

Ever wonder why it might be a good idea to segment your home network? All those smart devices have to connect somewhere. I wrote an article for Tactics and Preparedness that discusses some of these issues including the crazy network that is in my house.

Suit up!

Suit up!

After turning that bad boy in, James Adamson & I gave a presentation at the International ISSA Conference entitled, “The 100-Minute MBA for Security Professionals.” This was an updated version of the presentation and webcast that we gave for RSA Conference in 2015, including several updated references and some new case studies. Obviously, we wish you could have been there with us, but if you want the materials, you can get them here.

That week was a busy one, because after the ISSA conference James & I got to present a talk on hacking BBQ. This is one that I conceived a couple of years ago, and quickly brought James in to discuss how different methods can make different versions of high quality BBQ. We couldn’t get it together last year for BSidesDFW, but this year we did! If you were there, I hope you left with a full belly. If you missed it but want the recipes and materials, you can get those here.

Finally, RSA Conference 2017 is right around the corner and I’ll be speaking! More details will be made public soon!

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